A Day in the Life

What does a day look like for me? In this video I provide a quick run down.


What does a day in the life for Dr. Richard Huysmans look like. For me life look like it's varied. Certainly, some days I could be in my office the whole day. Other days I could be at the client site. Other days I could be at cafes or co-working spaces taking meetings or working with others.

Today, for example, I had a phone meeting with colleague talking about some of the issues we face, as people with PhDs, working as consultants, while working in practices or small businesses. I then spent the afternoon going through my emails. I've had a few emails and hadn't had any chance to respond to any of them yet. So just running off a few of those and particular looking at my business cards, and some bookmarks that I'm having created, and then shortly I'll head off to a meeting in Parkville where I'll help facilitate a workshop looking at increasing collaboration in one of the institutes based there. So that's what today looks like.

Yesterday, I was essentially in the office all day, and tomorrow I'll probably be in the office all day doing. I guess what most people would call paperwork report writing those kinds of things.

So yeah, that's a day in the life.