Are You Really Networking?

Networking is essential to career success. Yet, we often overlook the easy networking opportunities right in front of us - learning about and knowing the people you are studying with.


Are you really networking? I think a lot of us think that we're networking when we go to events, and we talk to people. The students we think are "How do we network?", "We don't have any opportunities?", "We don't know anyone?". Reality is your input in a student cohort if you're in undergraduate of thousands. If you're in a PhD program, you're probably in a student cohort of a few hundred. Certainly, within your whole university, you'd definitely be one of several hundred. So, if you don't know those people. If you're not maintaining contact with them. If you haven't spoken to them. If you haven't reached out to them. If you couldn't name them. I don't really think your networking.