Atomic Habits – Book Review

I read James' book. Here I my thoughts.


Hi there! I just finished reading this book by James Clear. A different JC on Atomic Habits. I was lucky enough to hear him talk about this and have him sign my book. I thought I'd quickly run through some of the things that I got from this book.

Firstly prior to even reading this, I'd read James' Atomic Habit of reading 20 pages of any book a day in order to get through multiple books in certainly in a year. That's been one of the massive things that's helped me over the last few months to get through more, and more books. I'm not saying I'm an awesome reader or that I read more than anyone else, but certainly reading 20 pages a day has really helped me progress through books. It's really a useful way for me anyway as someone who I don't always get pleasure out of reading. No matter what I read sometimes it's just really a hard to find pleasure in that. Knowing that at the end of 20 pages, I feel like I've completed a task. I feel really accomplished. But other than reading 20 pages a day what else did I get out of this book? The idea that small things make a massive difference. I've started using a habit tracker for my gym workouts. I've started doing really simple things around tracking my mood. I'm not writing a massive diary where I am keeping you know an idea of whether I'm happy, whether I'm sad, whether I'm mediocre. Again, that idea of keeping it simple but doing it regularly is what is making a massive difference. I highly recommend Atomic Habits.

Lots of useful things particularly for researchers, and PhD students on how to get more out of what they're doing each day. Not by doing more but by doing less they're doing it more frequently, and certainly the whole idea that habits stacking, and doing habits regularly performing little tasks often compounds just like interest in a bank.

Have a read of Atomic Habits by James Clear.