Transition from Academia

Leaving academia is one of the hardest decisions to make and subsequent actions to take. Unlike many other careers, academic research draws people in for reasons of passion, purpose and feeling. Yet, success is measured in grants and publications. You can be an awesome researcher, but not great at grant writing or not great at English (most journals are written in English) and your career will suffer.

Mary Tomlinson, Centre Administrator, RMIT

Julian Atchison

Dr Ruth Wagstaff
Researcher, QLD


We also know there are more PhD students than ever. In Australia the number of enrollments has doubled since the year 2000. So, now (2020), there are about 60,000 PhD students enrolled in a PhD. Per year 10,000 graduate. Yet, academic staff growth has been 1,500 or less per year over the same period.


Transitioning from academia is bound to happen. US and UK data suggests 50% of PhD graduates move outside academia as soon as they graduate. Australian data is similar.


You are not alone. 50% of Australian PhD students do a PhD and have no intention of having an academic career.


If you’re thinking of making that transition yourself – but not sure how to take the leap.


If you’ve made the decision but found your peers are not overly supportive.


You just want to chat about what options are out there for you.


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What’s involved in coaching I hear you ask?

Well, there are three programs I run:

Groups – operating for 12 months with between 10 and 20 people. Everyone has their own goals. We meet monthly as a group via Zoom. Each month we discuss your goals and progress towards them. There are also 3 one-on-one sessions with me. In those sessions we set and track your individual progress.

Three months 1:1 – as the name suggests. It goes for 3 months. It is 1:1. So just you and me. We meet fortnightly. There are tasks each fortnight as well as other stuff you might set yourself. I keep you accountable to your own goals and progress. Together, we’ll set a high-level goal for you, as well as more immediate things to achieve. Sessions are via Zoom, and are recorded. You can review and revisit as you see fit.

Six months 1:1 – also just like the name suggests. And much like the 3 month coaching, meetings are fortnightly. Recorded. You’ll be held to account. We’ll set high-level goals. And weekly tasks.

And, of course, you could just book an ad hoc session or series of sessions.

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