Twenty Questions for Humans Who Are Studying a PhD

We are constantly told to self-reflect. But if you’re not in the practice of it, reflection can be really hard. In his book 20 Questions for Humans, Craig Harper helps readers do just that – answer 20 questions that will help them self-reflect. In this blog, I look at each question Craig poses and suggest […]

Why You Should Write a Good-bye Letter to Academia

Are you thinking about leaving academia but finding it hard? Why not write a good-bye letter? The transition from one sector to another is difficult. So is a change in job or a change in a career. But when you’ve had your heart set on a career – like many in academia – that transition […]

Five Skills I Can Use to Develop My Career Beyond My PhD

Five transferable skills for all PhD students: Problem solving. Project management. Written communication. Oral communication. Presentation skills. Be careful when identifying your transferable skills from your PhD – not all are created equal. Transcript: Good day there, bakers, writers, and rock stars! Dr. Richard Huysmans here. Bringing 5 skills that you can use to develop […]

How to Select a Social Media Channel

As an academic, at some point you’ll need to take your research social. If you like pictures, use Instagram. If you like writing, use LinkedIn. If you like video, use YouTube and then share. If you want to connect with other academics, use Twitter. If you want to engage with the general public then Facebook […]

Five Forgotten Transferable Skills

How do you identify transferable skills? One way is a time in motion study or a skills audit. Or, you can google “transferable skills” and see what the internet tells you. Here are five skills – tenacity, collaboration, comprehension, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and software use – and why I think they are transferable. Transcript: […]

Six Things to Do to Increase Your Resilience

PhD students have some of the poorest mental health of ANY professional – inside or outside research. Even worse, the turbulence associated with science and research careers does not make things easier. Thus, building resilience and copying strategies before you need them will be important to long-term health and success. Here are 6 strategies – […]

Should My PhD Supervisor Be a Mentor, Colleague or Boss

PhDs are large undertakings for both the student, and their supervisors. Yet, not much time is spent considering the type of supervisor a student might need or want. Furthermore, little thought is devoted to how this might change throughout the process. In this blog I look at three approaches – boss, colleague, mentor – and […]

Thirty-Eight Things to Help You Transition out of Academia

Leaving academia isn’t easy. Especially if that’s what you’d thought you’d do your whole life. So, although this post won’t help you deal with the emotional side of leaving, it does offer 38 practical things you can do to help make the transition easier. Transcript: Good day there, bakers, writers, and rock stars. Dr. Richard […]