Should My PhD Supervisor Be a Mentor, Colleague or Boss

PhDs are large undertakings for both the student, and their supervisors. Yet, not much time is spent considering the type of supervisor a student might need or want. Furthermore, little thought is devoted to how this might change throughout the process. In this blog I look at three approaches – boss, colleague, mentor – and […]

Thirty-Eight Things to Help You Transition out of Academia

Leaving academia isn’t easy. Especially if that’s what you’d thought you’d do your whole life. So, although this post won’t help you deal with the emotional side of leaving, it does offer 38 practical things you can do to help make the transition easier. Transcript: Good day there, bakers, writers, and rock stars. Dr. Richard […]

Using Your Network to Establish Industry Connections

Competitive research grants aren’t getting any easier. One way to address the problem is through finding and working with an industry partner. Imagine if you spent the same time building an industry connection as you did write a grant….? What would that world look like? How could/would you make that happen? Transcript: Good day there, […]

Are You Addicted to Academic Life?

In this podcast I go through 12 questions that might indicate you’re addicted to academic work, and it’s time to change your habits. Academics tend to portray themselves as working all of the time and in all places. However, that’s not sustainable IMHO. In a recent group coaching session we discussed both approaches. Both seemed […]

Building Your Career by Leaving Your Employer

Different people will have their own ideals. What and how they want to build a career. But what I can say in all cases, making the opportunity (rather than waiting for it) will be a faster path to your success. And, in many instances leaving a job and an employer has FAR more upside than […]

What Is Coaching, and How you Can Use It?

Most people have experienced coaching in some form or another in their life. From sports, to music, to art, and to life. People are coaching and being coached all of the time. However, most people assume coaching is telling – by an expert to a novice. But if that were true, no elite performers would […]

Lifting Your Project Management Game

If you’re finding your current project or planning approach is not effective. If you’re finding you’re not getting the stuff you want to do done, then you need to change something. Change what you do or change your plan. If you want to improve your project management and planning game try these 3 things: Have […]

Writing Faster and Better

Four tips for writing faster and better: Summarise using sentences. Write as if no one is reading. Write, just write. Join a writing group. Transcript: Good day, bakers, writers, and rock stars! Each week I host a writing program. And in the writing program this week I learned something really valuable that I think would […]