Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Just like managing the time you use your phone is useless once the battery is dead, so too is managing your time once your batter is dead. So, if you’re trying to improve your productivity, and time management isn’t working, try energy management. How? Observe what drains or sustains you. Alternate those tasks. Re-observe. Transcript: […]

How I Run My Social Media (and How You Can Do the Same)

Eight things I did to get better at social media: Attend workshops and training on being better at social media. Build a follower persona. Develop a strategy. Use scheduling tools. Create a “social media post ideas” folder. Let go of perfection. Watch and learn from others. Watch and learn from my own social media performance. […]

Eight Ideas on Improving Your Productivity

Eight tips to increase your productivity: Important stuff first. Boot up routine. Shut down routine. Three items to-do list. Strive for productive not efficient. Set work schedule. State your intent. Do the difficult stuff first. Transcript: Today bakers, writers, and rock stars, this week’s vlog is all about improving your productivity. So, here are 8 […]

What If We Knew What Reviewers Said About Other Grants

On Amazon you can see the reviewer history. You can see what other products they’ve reviewed, and what they said. Would a similar approach be useful in academia? Would that make receiving a negative review easier? Transcript: Good day there, bakers, writers, and rock stars. Dr. Richard Huysmans here. Talking today about what reviewers might […]

Building a Reading Habit

Six steps to building a reading habit: Trigger the desire by making the reading material obvious (i.e., place articles around the house/lab/office). Acknowledge the positives you’ll gain from reading. Make it easy to succeed (e.g., easy material, short time or small number of pages). Reward success. Publicly state your reading intention (the crowd can help […]

Should I Do a PhD Thesis by Publication?

The best thesis is a submitted thesis. This by publication could make this faster or slower. Be aware of the pros and cons. If you’d like to know more, comment, DM or shoot me an email. I’ll send you some content. Transcript: Increasingly, students have the opportunity to do their thesis by publication rather than […]

What’s the Easiest PhD?

Six tips for an easy PhD: Have a good research question. Use known research tools. Have accessible data and/or samples. Build your analytical skills. Be skilled at word processing. Stop scope creep. Transcript: If you’re thinking about doing a PhD and want to do an easy one, I don’t think there is a good answer […]

How I Build My Endurance Muscle

A PhD is probably the longest single project one individual is continuously responsible for. Thus, building your endurance muscle is important for PhD success. Three things that have helped me build my endurance muscle are: Running long distances – I learnt to make and implement a plan to get better. Meditation – I learnt to […]

How I Apply the Run-Walk-Run Strategy to Work

There are lots of things we can learn from other people and other disciplines and sectors. Me, I’ve taken the run-walk-run strategy and applied it to work. Yep – that’s the pomodoro technique. Followed the timer STRICTLY. I learnt: The app matters. My endurance increased. My satisfaction increased. Stop-start was initially difficult but now easy. […]