What Is Coaching, and How you Can Use It?

Most people have experienced coaching in some form or another in their life. From sports, to music, to art, and to life. People are coaching and being coached all of the time. However, most people assume coaching is telling – by an expert to a novice. But if that were true, no elite performers would […]

Lifting Your Project Management Game

If you’re finding your current project or planning approach is not effective. If you’re finding you’re not getting the stuff you want to do done, then you need to change something. Change what you do or change your plan. If you want to improve your project management and planning game try these 3 things: Have […]

Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Just like managing the time you use your phone is useless once the battery is dead, so too is managing your time once your batter is dead. So, if you’re trying to improve your productivity, and time management isn’t working, try energy management. How? Observe what drains or sustains you. Alternate those tasks. Re-observe.

How I Run My Social Media (and How You Can Do the Same)

Eight things I did to get better at social media: Attend workshops and training on being better at social media. Build a follower persona. Develop a strategy. Use scheduling tools. Create a “social media post ideas” folder. Let go of perfection. Watch and learn from others. Watch and learn from my own social media performance.