Connect – Book Review

A great book to help people get started on LinkedIn.

I've got a LinkedIn program for LinkedIn called "LinkedIn for Research Translation". It's based on this book Connect by Kylie Chown, and Jane Anderson. I recently reread it using James Clear's 20 pages a day technique. I can highly recommend that, and I've talked about James Clear in a previous book review. Have check it out on YouTube.

In terms of this book and going back and rereading it, some of the things that I reaffirmed my love about this model from Jane here on page 4. Which is this one. They're the know someone here "How You're Found in the Marketplace". Just an awesome model. I think researchers would do well to learn this model and do well to learn how it might connect with them, and the work that they do. The other thing that I think is really great from in here is the LinkedIn self-assessment. If you're developing your own LinkedIn page and you're thinking about how you might do it, I certainly have a look at the self-assessment here. It's really great. Other things that I've found useful that all that I really re-acquainted myself with that I haven't for a while is just how important the use of scripter. It's actually built into my daily use not just LinkedIn but also email, and even Instagram and Facebook and certainly I highly encourage you to use that. Not in a cut paste kind of way but it just helps you make sure that you tick off everything that you need to cover when you're communicating with someone about particularly work particularly industry engagement.

So have a read Connect by Jane Anderson, and Kylie Chown. If you'd like to get a copy or know more about my LinkedIn course, feel free to follow the links below.