Experiences for Beyond Your PhD

As a PhD student you should always be thinking about what next. In this video I cover four things that helped me beyond my PhD. For me they were: (1) the PhD itself. My line of work means I need to have empathy with researchers. My PhD helps me do that. (2) Mentors. From across the range of life and experiences. Family and friends (not in academia) were always helpful. As well as people at my part-time work place (department store). (3) A Job. Demonstrating that I was employable but also giving me selling skills (I had a role on the sales floor) as well as what it meant to work with "clients". (4) Networks. I kept (keep) in touch with people from various times in my life and various careers. Its super easy with social media. And it is those networks that help me when I am looking for opportunities (and of course I pay it forward).