Four Tips to Increase Citations and Industry Uptake of Your Work

Want to increase the citations of your work?


1. Long descriptive titles.

2. Promoting it on social media.

3. Let the authors you cite know about your work.

4. Write multi-author papers.

5. Repeat!


I work a lot with academics, and I work a lot with academics trying to connect with industry. One of the things that we often discuss is how they can increase awareness of their work amongst their non-academic partners, but also how they can increase the citation of their work amongst their non-academic partners, and even their academic partners. So, here are four tips that you can use to help increase your citation rate.

First is to choose a good title. There's lots of evidence around that shows descriptive titles are more likely to be referenced in other academic articles. These could include things like where the research is published if it if there's a geography that's relevant, who's included in the who in terms of the study participants are included in the work. But certainly, more descriptive titles in general get reference more effectively. However, this can go against you as well. It can make it harder for people to understand the work that you do if you have an overly descriptive title.

The second thing that you can do is to blog about the work that you do. That's quite simple. You can write a short summary in the case of Twitter. A longer summary in the case of other social media like LinkedIn or Facebook, but certainly don't just reproduce the abstract, write the content for an audience that doesn't understand, and then they can make the decision about whether they want to click and get access to your article.

The third thing, building on that is when they click how do they get access to the article. In most cases you want to put the article in a public place not behind a paywall. Notwithstanding you might need to make sure that you keep within the publication guidelines of the journal that you're publishing in. Putting your article in your relevant universities repository or in another public place saying it properly open access journal increases the citation rate but also increases the uptake at rate. Particularly, when it comes to access by industry partners.

The final thing to think about when it comes to increasing citation rates is to talk to the people who you have referenced in your article.

So, when you publish your article, you would let the people know that you've referenced that you've used their data. That you've used their information they've used their work in coming up with your work, and obviously when you do that again provide them with access to your article so they can read it for themselves, and make a decision perhaps to make use of your research in their research.

Good luck connecting with industry.