How I Run My Social Media (and How You Can Do the Same)

Eight things I did to get better at social media:

  1. Attend workshops and training on being better at social media.
  2. Build a follower persona.
  3. Develop a strategy.
  4. Use scheduling tools.
  5. Create a “social media post ideas” folder.
  6. Let go of perfection.
  7. Watch and learn from others.
  8. Watch and learn from my own social media performance.


Good day there, bakers, writers, and rock stars. This week on the vlog focusing all about my social media and how I run my social media, and some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way. You probably know that I’m a big fan of social media. I think it’s something that researchers should be on. If you’re looking for work, you should definitely be on social media particularly LinkedIn. But any social media channel of choice will help raise your profile and make you more aware of job opportunities that are out there. Potential employers make them more aware of you because we know that most jobs are filled through networking.

We know that networking is one of the keys to career success. So, social media, what’s my journey? How’s it going? So, first of all, I joined the main channels when I started social media and started my business, I guess I was on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I shared content like most people do as and when I saw fit. If I had an idea, I’d try and post it. If I had a good picture, I might try and post it. It was really really ad hoc. I didn’t have a lot of idea of what I wanted to do or what I wanted to achieve. Then as things developed as social media got more part of the norm, I started to attend more workshops. I attended some free ones, and some paid ones. The common theme to them was that we should have a strategy, and that you should have essentially a persona. So, now I have put both of those things into practice. So, I have a social media strategy. Basically, for me that means I know who I want to engage with specific accounts. I know the kinds of content that those accounts like. I know the accounts that I want to follow. I know the accounts that I want to follow me.

So, that’s my strategy. Then my personas, these are kind of the way or the kind of broad sketch outline of who or what accounts I want to follow me. So, that could be age, gender, content type, etc. I’m still posting content at this point in my social media journey. I’m still posting content as and when I see fit. But now I’ve got these 2 filters that I apply before I send the content out which is does it fit with my strategy, and does it target some of my personas. Then I started to real like as I got more on involved in social media. I noticed that certain people were really really prolific, and it got me thinking. You know, how could they be so prolific? How could they be on social media so often, yet still be active researchers or how could they be in the lab and posting social media? How does that fit with you know, things like PC2 containment? What I realized was that they were using scheduling tools. So, I started looking up scheduling tools. So, I started using a specific scheduling tool, a free one. There are lots of free ones out there. If you Google free scheduling tool, you’ll find them. So those scheduling tools suddenly allowed me to do the same thing that I was seeing other people do. Which is essentially do my work during the day but have a bunch of social media go out without me having to do anything other than schedule it in advance. Very quickly doing that approach I ran out of content which now resulted in a 2nd thing that or 3rd thing that I do regularly. Which is to if I have content ideas to add them. So, at the time I put them in on a sticky note. Then I progressed into an Evernote folder, and now I’ve moved into a OneNote folder. Any social media ideas that I have I drop into this OneNote folder.

When I was thinking about scheduling content, I didn’t have to think about content and scheduling. I could go to the list. Make the schedule based on my ideas, and I didn’t have to spend ages doing both ideas as well as scheduling. What happens now, so that’s all sort of essentially in the past. It’s kind of evolved as I’ve evolved in terms of my own understanding of social media as my business has grown. Now you might have interacted with my assistant James. He’s responsible for making sure the social media goes out. So, he doesn’t do the content, but he does say here, “Richard, here’s a bunch of images from this you know, this shared folder. These ideas file. You can send them out you know”. Here’s a schedule, and I write the copy. And then he makes the schedule happen in terms of getting his vlog out. In terms of getting the blog that goes with this vlog out. He does all of that. So that’s really useful way of getting all of the content out.

So, I hope that’s useful to see you sort of behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz. If you think of me in that way, I don’t know why I use that analogy. But if you’ve got any questions about using social media, feel free to ask or join my social media group. If you don’t know how to do that drop a comment below or respond to this if you’re getting it in via email, and I will let you know how you can join one of my social media groups.

Take care!