I’m an Academic Researcher – Should I Have a YouTube Account?

There's a lot of focus on academics having a range of social media channels - LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But very little attention is paid to YouTube. Yet, YouTube is the second most viewed social media behind Facebook. And, depending on who you read - the future of content is video. So, get on YouTube.


I've talked a lot about social media recently from Instagram, LinkedIn to Facebook as well.

One of the things that I haven't yet quite touched on is YouTube, and whether researchers should have a YouTube channel. So very quickly the answer is yes, researchers should have a YouTube Channel but a longer answer goes along the lines of:

  1. YouTube is the second most visited social media channel behind Facebook. So, lots of people are visiting YouTube.
  1. The future of content is video. I don't know about you but my Facebook feed, my Instagram feed, even LinkedIn, all of these social media channels are now using video as the primary means of communicating a message.

If as a researcher you want to communicate your message, whether that's an industry engagement message, whether that's a translation message, whether that is simply the message of your research, video is going to be the way to do it. Take for example, what just happened now with COVID-19. Everything is transitioned to video based ways of working in a Zoom has become really popular. If you want to capture all of that content that you're creating. If you want to bit make that shareable later on. If you'd like to make it easily accessible. If you want to put the content that you created put it into multiple different locations. The best thing to do is to have a YouTube channel and then share it from there. You can imbed videos from YouTube on your website. You can imbed them in a newsletter that you might send out. You can share it on all social media platforms except for Instagram but YouTube videos are infinitely shareable. If you are creating video content or more to the point if you're consuming video content and you think you need to create some content for other people to see your information, you should be looking at doing video, and you should be having a YouTube channel. It's dead easy to set up. It's free to set up. It's free to use the editing tools are right built into YouTube. If you create a video like this, and you want to cut stuff out or put in put in subtitles like below this video, all of that is from within the standard YouTube editor.

So, should researchers have a YouTube channel? - Yes, they do just like me. If you liked this don't forget to like and subscribe. Share it with your friends, family, and other followers if you think it's useful. If you didn't find this good, let me know what else I should be doing. I'm more than happy to create content that you want to see.

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