Keep on Playing…

Ever been tempted to “cancel Christmas” in order that you can get something done. What about skipping training so you can write an assignment or finish an experiment? STOP! It’s killing your effectiveness as a worker.

Here’s why:

  1. You’re fostering self-organisation.
  2. Exercise helps memory and improves happiness.
  3. Diversity in life creates resilience.
  4. You cannot set boundaries.


Keep playing that’s my advice to you. Hi there bakers, writers, and rock stars! One of the things that I see around this time every year, around exam time or around assignment time is the people that I coach, the people that I work with. Particularly from a soccer perspective, they all go off and they prioritize their study, their assignments, their tasks, their reports over soccer. On one hand that’s laudable. They understand that their priority is their study, and that sport comes second. But I wonder whether that’s the right thing to do. So, here are 4 reasons why you should keep on playing.

The first is it shows that you’re organized. So, if you as a student you know when your assignments are due. You know when your presentations are due. Heck, even as a researcher you know when assignments are due. You know when grants are due. You know when journal articles need to be written. As a PhD student you know, when your confirmation of candidates. So, all of these things are known well in advance. If you can’t organize your schedule in order to maintain your soccer training or your music training or your craft training or your art training or your craft practice. Or whatever it is you do instead of study, then you’re not showing you’re being well organized. So, firstly if you maintain your schedule, it shows that you’re well organized.

The next thing is that if exercise in particular was a pill, we’d all be taking it. It has that much of a positive impact on study and on our output in life. Yet, we don’t do enough of it. So, know that it’s a study aid. So, don’t prioritize other work over exercise. Make sure you continue to get exercise during heavy work periods.

The next reason, the 3rd reason is that it helps maintain a better-balanced life. One of the biggest things we know about being resilient is that having diverse interests helps create resilience. And it does this in multiple ways. But one of the ways that for me helps me realize it on an intellectual level is to think about it like this, if I have 4 interests and one of them goes crap, three-quarters of me I should say is still going well. if I have one interest and it goes crap, I’m 100 crap. So having diverse interests that include things other than work is a really useful way of improving your resilience.

Finally, for whatever reason during school we really prioritize things like homework. But when it comes to working in the workforce, we prioritize work-life balance. We talk about not taking home or not taking work home with you. So, setting your boundaries now about when you will study, and not studying when you should be doing other things is a really useful way of working out how and when you can enforce boundaries in your life.

So, there you have it, 4 tips bakers, writers, and rock stars about why you should keep on playing.