Metrics for Measuring Research Outputs

There are many metrics that researchers and associated administrator use to measure and report success. Here are 6 that might be useful for you:

  1. Impact Factor – average citation count per article per journal over a rolling 2-year period.
  2. Citation count – absolute number of citations for an individual article.
  3. H-index – maximum number of citations for same number of publications.
  4. RG Score – Restricted to ResearchGate measuring your participation on research gate, including uploaded and referenced articles. Can be directly compared to all ResearchGate members.
  5. ResearchInterest – Restricted to ResearchGate. Includes RG score, but also more weight given to citations and publications. Can be directly compared to all ResearchGate members.
  6. Altmertic – Combines citations from a range of sources across the web – social media, government reports, as well as academic journals.