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Richard has his own Podcast, but also appears as guests on other peoples’ shows. He could appear on yours too 🙂

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#459 – Becoming an Older Student

This episode is all about returning to study at any level (certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, degree or post grad.) irrespective of your academic background, perceived aptitude for study or level of confidence (it will grow). Dr Richard Huysmans shares some thoughts, ideas, tips and strategies for opening the door to some later-in-life learning (whether you’re 27 or 77).

Link to podcast: The You Project # 459 – Apple Podcast

#213 Learning How to Learn

Dr. Richard Huysmans is an academic, pracademic and for the last two months, home-schooling dad. He has spent his life learning how to learn effectively and helping others do the same. In this episode of TYP, Richard and Craig talk about conscious and unconscious learning, academic and non-academic learning, learning styles, developing a personal learning system, studying vs. learning, going back to formal study and the health benefits of stimulating our brain as we age.

Link to podcast: The You Project #213 Apple Podcast


Jane Anderson Podcast: Interview with Research Translation Expert Dr. Richard Huysmans

We chat with Dr. Richard Huysmans, an expert in research translation and the work he’s doing with researchers and academics in universities and research institutes to access opportunities building their personal brand and leveraging LinkedIn to open doors for those opportunities.

Link to podcast: The Jane Anderson Show

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Helium podcast interview with Matt Hotze

Helium Podcast: Nurturing Industry Relationships for Research Sponsorship, Collaboration and Student Mentoring

Excerpts from Helium notes: “Dr. Richard Huysmans joined the show to discuss how to develop and nurture relationships with industry. These relationships will lead to more well-rounded mentoring for your students, more research collaboration opportunities and possible sponsorship of you work”.

You can listen to this link: Helium Podcast Episode #19


Tiana Felmingham via LinkedIn

The You Project Interview

The You Project #43 with Dr. Richard Huysmans

Excerpts from The You Project notes: “Craig chats with Dr. Richard Huysmans about all things learning, upskilling, research, business development, career change, academia and the trauma of Craig’s first semester of University (at 36). So inspired was Craig, that (with Richard’s guidance) he’s thinking about tackling a PhD in Philosophy (his passion), using his work as the basis for his thesis and area of research”.

You can listen to this link: The You Project #43 Apple Podcast

Podcast Testimonials

Gaelle Batot, PhD – Senior Research Analyst, University of Utah

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The Mentor List – Come back to the body of knowledge

Richard believes it to be important to do the things that work for you, rather than what may work for others. For him, he feels staying fit is key to his health and productivity.

He also places constraints on his schedule and incentivises himself to get things done during the day, such as finishing sales calls before he can go for a walk.

Podcast link: Come back to the body of knowledge

Richard's Mum Testimonial

My mum 🙂

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