Podcasts I Listen to (and Why)

We’re all listening to podcasts now. However, it is mainly for entertainment. Yet, podcasts exist on many different topics. So, if you’re thinking about a career change, or upskilling, or retraining – find some related podcasts. Have a listen. You might learn something new and save yourself time or hassle in the process. And, if you’re up for it – do an audit of the podcasts you listen to. You might find so gaps or bias that you weren’t aware of.


Hi there! Just listening to a podcast. So, what are the podcasts that you listen to? I think podcast is such a really great way of upskilling without having to pay for training. All you doing while you’re listening is picking up key language. Maybe learning some new concepts and then the key thing obviously is to apply some of them. So, what are the some of the podcasts that you listen to? I listened to a fair few, and on diverse topics.

I listened to one called After Hours which is part of Harvard Business Review. I find it really interesting. I like the panel format. I listen to Jordan B Peterson. He challenges my thinking. Sometimes he can be a bit rough. Some of the episodes can be very long which I find hard at times to sit through, but it’s all about challenging my thinking with listening to Jordan. Freakonomics radio, a bunch of academics looking at how economics influences the world around us in weird and wonderful ways. That really does broaden my understanding of the world. It also broadens my understanding around decision making and how data can be used, collected, and analyzed to help make better decisions. I think so much of what we do as researchers is limited to our own sphere and doesn’t get taken out into a broader setting or we don’t think about how we could start in the broad setting in the first place. Another one I listened to is called Scam Goddess. There’s a comedian in the U.S., and Lisa Mosley. She talks about scams, and things that are happening. She normally has a guest and that’s really useful.

More recently, I’ve trended into the Science of Happiness which looks at the scientific things, of the things that we can do that improve our happiness that have some kind of clinical or evidence base to them. That shows them to actually improve our happiness. So, you might be surprised to learn things like meditation, keeping notes, keeping a gratitude journal. All have a scientific basis, and they all are proven to improve our happiness. If you want to do stuff directly related to your work, Working Scientist by Nature Careers podcast that is might be really useful for you if you’re in the stem field. And another podcast that I listened to is called the Nature podcast. Which is a news desk style podcast presenting recent research of the week. Generally speaking, the research is limited to the nature stable of journals, but it does cover more general interest research as well.

So, there you have it. Some of the podcasts that I listen to. Some of the things that I am looking for from you is to let me know about podcasts that include women or people of color. One of the things that I noticed in putting this together is that my podcast list lacks those that level of diversity. So, if you can help me out there, suggest below the podcast you’re interested in, and I’d love to add it to my list.