Podcasts I Listen to (and Why)

On a coaching call last week, I had a client ask, “What should I study next? I’m thinking PhD or MBA.” Although I think both of those courses are useful, they serve specific and different purposes. MBAs develop generic business skills, and probably provide the student with fantastic networking opportunities for those interested in business. PhDs develop research skills and also provide fantastic networking opportunities for those interested in academia.

But, if you’ve owned your own business, and it has operated successfully for many years, you might not learn much in an MBA. And, if you’re not interested in an academic career, then doing a PhD is a tough way to learn about research.


Instead, I suggested the client look at short courses or learning about their topic of interest – it happened to be change management – through free stuff available on-line. You know, the kinds of things you see on YouTube, LinkedIn, some universities, and in Podcasts. 

With that in mind, here are some of the Podcasts I listen to and why.

PodcastContent as I understand itWhy I listen
After HoursPanel of (generally) three Harvard Business School academics discussing businesses, business ideas and the economy. Tends to focus on the US, but sometimes goes more global.I find the panel format and discussion topics interesting. I like to know about business.
The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastJordan Peterson interviewing someone of interest to him.Challenge my thinking.I like some of what Jordan has to say, but not all of it. He makes me think about the world differently.
Freakonomics RadioHow economics influences the world and vice-versa in ways that seem counterintuitive. The host is an academic.Broaden my understanding of the world. Learn how I can better engage with academic, and non-academic audiences.
Scam GoddessThe host has a guest, and they talk about current and past scams.Broaden the things that I listen to. Sometimes it can be funny. The scams are also interesting.
Science of HappinessAcademics from the Greater Good Science Centre present activities that can make us happy(er). Usually a guest talks about the activity and then the host explains the underpinning evidence.To implement happiness activities in my life. To share happiness activities with other people in my life. To learn more about what makes (people in general) happy or sad.
Working ScientistNews desk style presentation of issues relevant to STEM researchers.Hear solutions to problems faced by STEM researchers. Hear problems faced by STEM researchers.
Nature PodcastNews desk style presentation of research news. Features relate to Nature Group publications, as well as those in the mainstream media.Hear about new research discoveries and the implications for implementation/practice.

This is not a comprehensive list. But what I do lack in my listening list are podcasts hosted by females. Of those listed above, only three have dedicated female hosts (Nature Podcast, Scam Goddess, and After Hours). And only one of those has just a female (Scam Goddess), the other two have a female has part of a panel of presenters.

So, I’d love to have your picks on Podcasts to listen to. Especially podcasts with female hosts or people of colour.

Dr Richard Huysmans is the author of Connect the Docs: A Guide to getting industry partners for academics. He has helped more than 200 PhD students, early career researchers, and established academics build their careers. He has provided strategic advice on partnering with industry, growing a career building new centres and institutes as well as establishing new programs. Richard is driven by the challenge of helping researchers be commercially smart. His clients appreciate his cut-through approach. He knows the sector and how to turn ideas into reality.

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