12 Months Group Coaching PLUS


12 Months Group Coaching, plus 3 x 1:1 sessions.

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Completing your PhD was the easy bit

Deciding what to do next – that’s hard

50% of people doing a PhD in Australia DON’T WANT an academic career. And indeed, (internationally) the data show they pretty much leave academia upon graduation.



How do you leave academia?

How do you stay in academia?

What else is out there for you?

You can join my coaching program!

I have worked with established academics, Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and PhD students from all disciplines and helped them turn their passion for research into a full-filling career.

Join me and a bunch of your peers on a group coaching journey.

What’s involved?

Group work

  • 12 months with between 10 and 20 people. As total enrollments increase, new meeting times will be offered.
  • Everyone has their own goals.
  • We meet monthly as a group via Zoom, on the last Monday of each month from 1530 to 1630 Melbourne (Australia) time.
  • Each month we discuss your goals and progress towards them

One-on-one coaching (the PLUS bit)

  • There are also 3 one-on-one sessions with me.
  • In those sessions we set and track your individual progress.
  • You’ll need to be committed to taking action.

My investment in you

  • Sessions tailored to the people and the group I am working with
  • I’ll be committed to you making progress
  • You’ll learn about yourself
  • You’ll learn about working with others
  • Actionable steps to determine the career path for you

Your investment with me

  • $1,320 AUD inc GST upfront
  • At least 5 hours a month, taking part in meetings and “doing the work” (reading, writing, self-reflection, planning, following your plan).

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