12 1-to-1 coaching sessions


12 1-to-1 coaching sessions – building better research, career and life habits

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Elite athletes have coaches.

So do musicians and artists.

As well as those who aspire to be great athletes, musicians and artists.

So – why don’t elite thinkers (academics) and elite thinkers in training (PhD students) have coaches?!

They should! And you can!

Coaching can help:

  • Give clarity to problems
  • navigate novel or difficult situations
  • Shine a light or mirror on yourself
  • Understand others
  • Learn new things
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Set and keep you on a path to success.

If those are things you want then…

Join my coaching program!

I have worked with, established professors, mid-career professionals, Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and PhD students from all disciplines and helped them turn their passion for research into a full-filling career.

Join me on a 1:1 coaching journey.

What’s involved?

  • 12 fortnightly, hour-long 1:1 meetings. If desired, these can be spread out over a longer time frame, such as 9 or 12 months. Or conducted weekly over 3 months.
  • Set one or more goals for that period.
  • via video conference; recorded so you can watch again later and/or keep a copy for yourself.
  • Each meeting we discuss your goals and progress towards them.
  • They’ll be some kind of “diagnosis” or consensus between the two of us on what the “issue” is.
  • A co-produced “prescription” or response to the issue.
  • Join the group coaching program for 12 months.

Your investment with me

  • $6,600 AUD inc GST upfront.
  • At least 5 hours a fortnight, taking part in meetings and “doing the work” (reading, writing, self-reflection, planning, following your plan).

My investment in you

  • Activities, books, on-line programs to help implement the prescription.
  • You’ll need to be committed to taking action and growing as a person.
  • And you can expect me to be committed to you making progress.
  • You’ll be invited to join the group coaching program (monthly meetings via zoom for 12 months)
  • Sessions tailored to you – the person I am working with
  • I’ll be committed to you making progress, learning about yourself and working with others


  • “As someone who has benefited from Richard’s expertise. I can highly recommend this! Keep up the good work RDH!” Dr. Allegra Schermuly, Research Assistant
  • “I took stock and addressed my day doing my PhD. I streamlined and batched my experiments differently. I introduced flexible hours and brought in more thinking times. Addressed the need to ppt present every fortnight and thought your suggestion to summarise my work instead to my group was a better option. I did my experiments one week and imaged the next week. I introduced a OneNote template of work done. Thank you for the suggestions and they have been most helpful.“ Satya Amirapu, PhD student and MBBS graduate, Auckland University
  • “I had one hour, very enlightening and informative session with Dr Richard Huysmans yesterday, and I found that he is very easy to speak to, very practical in strategy, understands what the requirements and realities are (especially in business), and quick to provide solutions.” Ray Attanayake, Business Owner and prospective PhD student
  • “Your class was very informative and gave me a great starting point for career planning.” Aruna Kartik, Research Officer, Monash University
  • “I really enjoyed your seminar. I particularly like your ideas on planning for where I would like to be in 10 years, I like that I should consider my personal and career in that plan.” Dr. Kimberley Crawford, Senior Lecturer, Monash University

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