Connect the Docs: A guide to getting industry partners as an academic


Connect the Docs (PDF download)

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Connect the Docs: A guide to getting industry partners, as an academic helps shift your focus so you can present yourself as an expert when applying for grant-related research opportunities. It provides practical and valuable information on conducting and publishing research, the effects of social media, and the benefits of training and education on obtaining grant funds.

Connect the Docs: A guide to getting industry partners, as an academic will assist you in navigating the expectations of today’s
academic professionals so you have a better chance of engaging, collaborating, and ultimately, positioning as an academic.

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  • I read the book, love the ideas and tipsDr Sabi Kaphle, Lecturer, Central Queensland University
  • You put together a very nice guide for academics. It is a process and needs attention. Dr Carolyn Ashby
  • I really appreciate your writing style and the encouragement I am gaining from your book. Dr Linda Lorenza, Researcher, CQU
  • I have been reading through your book though and must say I am very impressed. You’ve put a lot of conscious thought into the things early career researchers are trying to do without any training or support, so it has opened my eyes to some of the things I have been doing without realising, and also some of the things I haven’t done but should have. Dr David Hocking, Monash University
  • I quite enjoyed it. I shared your expertise mind map with my team and we have been creating our own individual and team mind maps of our expertise. Dr Bryiony Hill, NHMRC Early Career Fellow, Monash University