Grant, Tender or Proposal Review


Grant, Tender and Proposal Review


Need a professional eye to look over your grant, tender or proposal?

Not sure if you need a writer to help, but are willing to have someone review your work?

Then the grant, tender or proposal review is for you!

My record (helping people) write grants, tenders and proposals is second to none. My success rate is 70% when it comes to grants and tenders. And, proposals, it is 100%!


1 – I say no to (or discourage people from applying) when I feel there is a poor fit between the application and the opportunity.

2 – I’m naive to the program, project, etc. So, I ask the questions reviewers will. I come into the project without expectations. Without knowledge – just like a reviewer.

How does it work?

  1. You pay here.
  2. That’ll trigger a workflow and you’ll get a confirmation email including:
    • A scheduling link to book your meeting.
    • Request for background information such your area of interest, goal for the project, overall goal, history of applications etc..
  3. You send me the relevant information.
  4. I review what you send me.
  5. We meet via zoom and together we review your grant, tender or proposal, looking at ways you can make adjustments that result in better a better application.
  6. The meeting is recorded and I send you a copy for your future review/reference.
  7. You make changes you see fit and send info to me (again) if you want.
  8. I send you further comments and we’re done.

Your investment with me

  • $770 AUD inc GST upfront.
  • Sending through relevant files and information for me to review.
  • Willingness to act on the advice.
  • One hour for the meeting and several hours to update your social media.

My investment in you

  • Time to review your grant, tender or proposal.
  • Provision of useful ideas for improvement.
  • Session recording.
  • Email check-in to see how the implemented changes have impacted your application.


  • “Many thanks for the info and for the great session. I’m motivated now to start looking into relevant grants.” PhD holder and entrepreneur

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