Research Strategy

Enhanced PhD Programs

With 50% of PhD graduates leaving academia immediately following graduation, there is a strong need to prepare them for life outside academia. I work with academics, centres, institutes, departments, faculties and schools to help build PhD programs that prepare students for life, not just academia.

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Institute Establishment

I've been involved in the proposal, establishment and operation of more than 10 research institutes and centres. Somehow they've all been funded! If you want to build something new, I reckon I am the person for you.

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Research Program Development

Already have an established research centre or institute? Need some help setting goals and priorities? Not sure where to start or how to measure success? I work with academics to help set their strategic priorities and directions, and then implement them.

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University to University Collaboration

Getting two (or more) researchers to collaborate is easy - just put a pot of money in front of them. However, getting their institutions to work together is a whole other problem. I have solved (some of) these problems. I have worked with all Victorian universities on long-standing partnerships (more than 9 years of collaboration), achieving outcomes that continue to satisfy government, academic, university and stakeholder requirements. If you what to form a multi-university collaboration, I'm a pretty good place to start.

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Industry Engagement

With grant success rates getting as low as 10%, industry engagement is as important for funding as it is for impact. But how do you do it? Where do you start? Who cares about what I know? I can help you answer all of these questions and more. You can start by asking for a copy of my book - Connect the Docs. Then give me a call.

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Grant & Proposal Development

Grant success rates are somewhere between 10% and 20%. Yet, I have maintained my success rates at 70%. Why? Its all about independence. Contact me to find out more.

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If you would like to find out more, call Richard (+61 412 606 178) or James (+61 3 9005 7158) to arrange a chat or book in. Or use the link below

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