Industry engagement infographic

Industry Engagement

Did you know that:

  • 90% of a decision is made before potential collaborators contact you?
  • Ten pieces of content are consumed before someone decides to work with you?
  • Do you, your staff or colleagues find research translation challenging?
  • Is it difficult to to acquire industry funding for grants?
  • Does it feel like hard to work trying to connect with or identify industry collaborators?
  • Don’t have the bandwidth to keep losing time on fruitless conversations?

Maybe you’re even afraid that having your ideas on display for people to criticise and take apart means people won’t want to work with you? Or perhaps you’re afraid your work isn’t translatable at all….

There are people out there who want to work with you.
You just need to make it easy for them to find you.

Make a difference and have your research make the impact on the world.

When working with researchers connecting with industry I commonly find:

  1. Time is the biggest killer of relationships – the longer contracts, invoicing or preliminary research discussions take the more likely the collaboration will fall through.
  2. Industry and research appear to be talking a different language.
  3. Researchers are unclear about what to say to reach out to ideal collaborators or to respond when asked to collaborate.
  4. Researchers are not sure what they have to offer industry
  5. Its hard to keep track of and manage warm leads or other potential collaborators


  • Want to connect more purposefully with industry;
  • Would like to understand more about your own research and what industry might be interested in; or
  • Have existing relationships that you would like to grow into major collaborations.


  • See industry as a cash cow;
  • Are not willing to recognise the differences between academic and industry imperatives; or
  • Don’t see industry collaboration as a major part of research.

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