Enhanced PhD Programs

In Australia, 50% of students enrolling in a PhD intend to LEAVE academia upon graduation. It is time our PhD programs caught up, and trained students for my diverse career options.

I’ve helped plan and build enhanced PhD programs that serve to identify and develop skills that will be useful inside and outside academia.

As PhD holders, we know the value a PhD has to life beyond our PhD. However, our current training programs are not equipping students with this information prior to graduation. Nor are they preparing students for the competitive nature of academic life. And the reality that fewer than 10% will be academics long term.

Working with you and your team, I help plan and implement enhanced PhD programs that foster stronger connections within non-academic partners. Programs that foster diverse career pathways, yet encourage graduants to maintain connections to their PhD superisor. Further promoting non-academic collaborations beyond the PhD.

If you’d like to work with me, I’d love to hear more about you.