Connect The Docs

Richard Huysmans holding a copy of his book.

I’m happy to announce my new book Connect the Docs: A Guide to Getting Industry Partners as An Academic is out.

Order via the links below.

Or, get it as a PDF here.


Dr Carolyn Ashby

“You put together a very nice guide for academics.  It is a process and needs attention." 

“I really appreciate your writing style and the encouragement I am gaining from your book." 

Linda Lorenza

Researcher, CQU

Dr David Hocking

“I have been reading through your book though and must say I am very impressed. You've put a lot of conscious thought into the things early career researchers are trying to do without any training or support, so it has opened my eyes to some of the things I have been doing without realising, and also some of the things I haven't done but should have." 

I quite enjoyed it. I shared your expertise mind map with my team and we have been creating our own individual and team mind maps of our expertise.

Briony  Hill, PhD - NHMRC Early Career Fellow 

Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation 

Maree McPherson - Executive coach, author of Cutting Through the Grass Ceiling – Women Creating Possibility in Regional Australia

Maree McPherson

A great resource for PhD students in CRCs

Dr Cathy Drinkwater - former CTx Education Director

Dr Ash Roberts, Curtin University

I finished Connect the Docs and found it very useful - a great mix of context, background and practical info, in a setting that offers empathy for researchers as well as solid advice to help with the growing pressures of being part of the global research enterprise.