Six Lessons I’ve Learned Helping Researchers with Social Media

Six lessons I have learned helping others with social media:

  1. Time – It takes time to build your social media muscle. There’s no substitute for hours on the platform. There’s no substitute for being on the platform for many years.
  2. Know your audience – Knowing who you want as a follower as well as who follows you.
  3. Research works – Investigate the content, channels, posts, time of day that leads to the results you’re after. Spend time testing different approaches. Learn where your ideal followers hang out.
  4. Research your audience – Make a list of their likes, and dislikes. Get specific. Know these details for each of the accounts you’d like as a follower.
  5. Ask – For what you want. Likes. Shares. Follows. Downloads.
  6. Copy others – Look at what they are doing. Don’t steal their content but reuse their ideas. Video styles. Picture styles. Words. Layouts. Approaches.