Resume Writing

For most of us,  writing a resume is a task we only think about when we are looking for a job. Yet, as academics, you need a resume for almost everything you do - promotion, grants and proposals, industry, as well as looking for your next job.

The requirements for each of the uses is different too.

Looking for an academic job will need a focus on your academic credentials.

Promotion, will need to include a range of areas set out by your university. These probably include teaching, research, grants, publications, administration, industry engagement and international collaboration (to name a few).

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Simona John von Freyend, PhD
Senior Research Fellow
Monash University
Social Media Manager
Melbourne Climbing School

Simona John von Freyend's comment CV Workhosp by Richard

Granting bodies are looking for your ability to undertake the work your proposing.

Margaret Murray, PhD
Research Assistant (Academic)
School of Chemistry
Monash University

Margaret Murray

And, if it is an industry job you're after, then your resume will need a different focus for that.

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Antonija Grubbisic-Cabo, PhD
Research Fellow
School of Physics & Astronomy
Monash University

Antonia Grubisic-Cabo

So, if you're applying for lots of jobs, but getting nothing in response. Or perhaps your grants aren't quite hitting the mark. Or, if you're about to go for a promotion.

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Monash University

ECR Monash

Tina Prihi
PhD Student


Qi Zhang
Monash University


Daniel Czech, PhD
Monash University

Daniel Czech

Comments from others who have attended a workshop.

Oishee Chatterjee

Oishee Chatterjee

Julian Atchison


Sri Ranga Vanarasi
Interdisciplinary Researcher
Monash University

Sri Ranga Vanarassi

Joseph Margetts
Lecturer and Consultant
MSc Enterprise Management Business School
University College Birmingham

Joe Margetts

Briony Hill, PhD
NHMRC Early Career Fellow
Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation


Dr. Arshad Salema, PhD
Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering
Monash University Malaysia


Shazwani Shaharuddin
Lecturer, School of Pharmacy
Monash University Malaysia


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