Twitter for Researchers (June 2021)

The un-official social media channel of choice for academics is Twitter. So, as a PhD student or ECR, if you’re not here you might not be noticed by your peers. Especially if you have yet to publish a peer review piece of research. Especially if you have not been able to attend in-person networking events […]

Choosing a Social Media Channel

Download as PDF There are hundreds, if not thousands, of social media channels. All doing different things for different people. Now, you might be on several as an individual. Hootsuite data says each person has about 7 social media accounts; but does not differentiate that into accounts on different channels or several accounts on a smaller number […]

LinkedIn for Researchers (May 2021)

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media channels. Yet, depending on who or what you listen to it has yet to reach the “maturity” of channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. What do I mean by maturity? Well, many would say that LinkedIn has strong organic reach when compared to those three. That […]

Simplifying Research Project Management

Project management is too complex. And therefore project management in research is regularly avoided. BUT – researchers can fix that with some simple approaches. Fix 1: Don’t expect others to use your project management tool or approach. Expect you’ll need to do all of the work maintaining and updating the plan. Fix 2: Don’t have […]

It is Okay to Feel Nervous (Anxious Even)

“COVID normal” is almost upon us. In Victoria (Australia) we are now allowed to have more people onsite. Businesses can have up to 75% of their workforce in the office. And, just like working from home caused nervousness and anxiety, so too will going back into the office. Here are some things you could try […]

Having Tough Conversations with Your Students

Just like talking to your superiors can be tough, so too can talking to your students. Here are five things you can focus on (in addition to the earlier 9 I put together): Know your expectations. Let (some of) your expectations go. Know the power you have over your students. Be open to different solutions. […]

Improving Your Social Media Game

It is almost impossible to be a successful research without an active social media account. You might even have more than one. And, at times it feels like yet another thing to be accountable for – like students, or teaching, or writing grants. But it does not have to be that way. I go through […]

Six Things You Might Not Know About Applying for Jobs

Six things that you might not know about applying for a job: Selection bias is real – male names are better than female, common names are better than foreign names. Photos aren’t necessary – and introduce more opportunity for discrimination. Age is not needed either – more opportunity for discrimination. Dates – especially for education […]