You Don’t Need Another Qualification

As part of the COVID-19 crisis, I suggested people learn something new during that time (see what to do when you cannot do experiments). In some form or another, I’ve seen people take up that advice. Some people just enrolled in an online course. The first that stood out to them. Others asked the social […]

Should I Finish My PhD? and Other Questions You Might Be Asking Yourself If You Want to Leave Academia

Download as PDF There are many reasons to do a PhD. Trust me, I’ve made a list. But few reasons to discontinue, intermit or leave a PhD (or academia). Beyond why you might leave, you should also consider what you should do on the way out. Hopefully these ideas will help you. Should I finish my […]

Five Ways to Improve Your Resume

Download as PDF I wrote earlier on writing a better resume. It included some research on what makes a good resume. If you missed it, check it out. It is called Four Tips for Writing a Better Resume. Building on that article, here are some other tips that I think will make your resume even better.

Four Tips for Writing a Better Resume

Download as PDF Even though the majority of jobs are filled through word of mouth, you still need a resume. In my experience, even if people hire you because they know you or you come highly recommended, they still ask for your resume. Either because they want to make sure you are the real deal or because they need […]

If I Leave Academia – Should I Retrain and What Matters to Industry?

Download as PDF Naturally, when you consider changing jobs you get a little nervous. You begin to ask yourself a range of reasonable, and unreasonable questions. Second guessing your knowledge and expertise. Wondering if are making the right decision to look for alternative work and wondering if the place you’ll end up will be a […]

Eight Questions and Answers on Leaving Academia

Download as PDF How many people leave academia after doing a PhD?a. The data says about 50% of PhD graduates will leave immediately after graduation. And, that only 8% (or less) will stay in academia for ten years or more. What do people with PhDs do?a. Academiab. Anything else That’s a bit vague, can you […]

Setting Boundaries

The one thing we all have the same amount of is time, and we all value it differently. Some people are happy to spend more time if they save money. For example, they might choose to build their own website, rather than have someone else do it. Even if their web-building knowledge is limited. Even […]

Dealing with Power Imbalances When Setting Boundaries

All of this is pretty straight forward, unless you have an unreasonable person in your life. Someone who expect you to be available when they are. Someone who wants a response within minutes to any email. Someone who expects you to answer the phone. In which case you’ll need to prepare yourself for a difficult conversation.  […]