Being a More Creative Grant, Proposal or Social Media Writer

One of the things about grant, proposal and thesis writing is the need to be creative. Not to make stuff up, but to be creative in order to make the writing interesting. And, even if you’re not interested in being creative in those pursuits, surely you see the need to be creative on social media. […]

Three Tips for Writing Grants Faster

Three tips for writing grants faster: – Pre-write sections – Plan writing the specific grant – Re-apply if/when you are unsuccessful Transcript: If you’re thinking about putting together a grant or perhaps writing more grants. What are some tips that I have for you to make them more competitive or to get more organised? I […]

The Changing Nature of Academic Research

Academic research is still, fundamentally, about publishing good research and getting grants to fund good research. However, “publishing” is now a very broad term. And “grants” can come from almost anywhere. We’ll take a look at how research is changing and how that means you, the academic researcher, might need to change too.

Three Approaches to Planning Your Career

Download as PDF I am often asked to join careers panels. And one of the things that always happens is the discussion of your career path. How you got to where you are now. These stories are always presented as if we were moving forward. But the reality is we can only see the connecting […]