Setting up a Successful Partnership with Industry

It is one thing to find an industry partner – but how do you set up a successful partnership? How do you turn a good idea into something that works on paper and then works in real life? What parts are important to get right at the start, and what can be figured out as […]

Positioning Yourself as An Expert

Without doubt, academic researchers are experts in their field. But, in so many cases non-academics are selected as experts. Experts when it comes to talking to the media. Experts when it comes to acting on panels. Experts when it comes to consulting. So, if you’re interested in being positioned as an expert – how do […]

Industry Engagement – How to Identify Potential Partners

One of the best ways to translate your research into practice is to work directly with an industry partner. But one of the hardest things to do is find a partner interested in the work you do or the knowledge you have. In this webinar Richard looked at how a research might find potential industry […]

What to Expect When Joining the Academy

So you’re considering a research career. Good on you! Firstly, let me say that research careers can in many colours, shapes, and flavours. Not all are the same. Not to mention that you don’t need to be in academia to do research. Nor do you need a PhD. And I’ve written about all of that […]

Social Media for Researchers – Twitter

Social media is a key part of your research communication arsenal. Twitter is one of the largest social networks. It has more than 300 million active users. But what does it mean to a researcher? How can you get access to a small slice of that attention? In this webinar Richard goes through some of […]