A Better Model to Support University Collaborations

Download as PDF I’ve helped a number of university-to-university collaborations get established and then operate. And that got me thinking about models of support that could do both – (1) support the initiative, and; (2) freely give out the advice to use their model without that advice having bias as well. Or the perception of […]

How to Promote Your Research on Social Media

Download as PDF In my experience there are two types of researchers promoting their content on social media. Those who do nothing, and those who say, “I’m so excited to announce my paper on [something] was published [somewhere].” Of course, there are a few who do what I suggest below (read on). But not many.

Being a More Creative Grant Proposal or Social Media Writer

If you’ve ever tried writing a grant, proposal, cover letter, social media or podcast you’ll have likely encountered difficulties being creative. One approach to overcoming this is to use oblique strategies.

Being a More Creative Grant, Proposal or Social Media Writer

One of the things about grant, proposal and thesis writing is the need to be creative. Not to make stuff up, but to be creative in order to make the writing interesting. And, even if you’re not interested in being creative in those pursuits, surely you see the need to be creative on social media. […]

Social Media in Research and Why LinkedIn is Best

There are lots of social media options available these days. The popular ones being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Academics have tended to use Twitter, but I think LinkedIn is better in many situations. Hi there! Today, I thought I’d take a closer look at a section from the Connect the Docs. The book that […]

Improving Your Social Media Strategy

I coach a lot of researchers in the use of social media to translate their work. The most common question is about creating content/posting. They worry about the time need to find content, create it, and then post it. They worry that they will not be prolific enough. They worry their account will have peaks […]