It is Okay to Feel Nervous (Anxious Even)

In Victoria (Australia) the past week has seen as shift closer to long term COVID normal. The major change has been that larger employers can have staff back onsite at between 50% and 75% capacity.  And, in talking to people like you, as well as friends and family, I want to say…

A Better Model to Support University Collaborations

Download as PDF I’ve helped a number of university-to-university collaborations get established and then operate. And that got me thinking about models of support that could do both – (1) support the initiative, and; (2) freely give out the advice to use their model without that advice having bias as well. Or the perception of […]

How to Promote Your Research on Social Media

Download as PDF In my experience there are two types of researchers promoting their content on social media. Those who do nothing, and those who say, “I’m so excited to announce my paper on [something] was published [somewhere].” Of course, there are a few who do what I suggest below (read on). But not many.