Launching Your Post PhD Career

PhDs are a lot like weddings. We spend forever worrying about this one event, but the real challenge is the lifetime that comes afterwards. So, if you’re interested in planning for what happens after you graduate your PhD come along to this recorded workshop. I talked about career planning and job search strategies. There were […]

Becoming a Successful Researcher in 4 Easy Steps…

Download as PDF This post is inspired by a video I watched on the University of Technology Sydney website. In that video, Professor Andrew Barron talks about how planning, and then referring back to the plan resulted in a huge uptick in his research outputs (publications) in the next 2 years. And that continued planning (and referring to […]

You Don’t Need Another Qualification

You should be earning or learning – but not all learning has to be the same. They don’t need to be formal qualifications. Experience is a way of learning. Learning through doing is a way to learn. And, not everyone cares about that “certificate” either. Transcript: As part of COVID-19, I said to a lot […]

Program – Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks

If you want to be a successful academic, you’ll need to publish regularly. If you’re yet to write an article, or if you get anxious thinking about writing, then maybe give this a try. We’ll go through the book, what is covered and how you can make a plan to write a journal article in […]

You Don’t Need Another Qualification

As part of the COVID-19 crisis, I suggested people learn something new during that time (see what to do when you cannot do experiments). In some form or another, I’ve seen people take up that advice. Some people just enrolled in an online course. The first that stood out to them. Others asked the social […]

Should I Finish My PhD? and Other Questions You Might Be Asking Yourself If You Want to Leave Academia

Download as PDF There are many reasons to do a PhD. Trust me, I’ve made a list. But few reasons to discontinue, intermit or leave a PhD (or academia). Beyond why you might leave, you should also consider what you should do on the way out. Hopefully these ideas will help you. Should I finish my […]

Five Ways to Improve Your Resume

Download as PDF I wrote earlier on writing a better resume. It included some research on what makes a good resume. If you missed it, check it out. It is called Four Tips for Writing a Better Resume. Building on that article, here are some other tips that I think will make your resume even better.