Becoming a Successful Researcher in 4 Easy Steps…

Download as PDF This post is inspired by a video I watched on the University of Technology Sydney website. In that video, Professor Andrew Barron talks about how planning, and then referring back to the plan resulted in a huge uptick in his research outputs (publications) in the next 2 years. And that continued planning (and referring to […]

LinkedIn for Researchers (May 2021)

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media channels. Yet, depending on who or what you listen to it has yet to reach the “maturity” of channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. What do I mean by maturity? Well, many would say that LinkedIn has strong organic reach when compared to those three. That […]

I’m an Academic Researcher – Should I Have a YouTube Account?

There’s a lot of focus on academics having a range of social media channels – LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But very little attention is paid to YouTube. Yet, YouTube is the second most viewed social media behind Facebook. And, depending on who you read – the future of content is video. So, get on […]