Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks

If you liked this video, maybe you’d like my Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks program. If you want to be a successful academic, you’ll need to publish regularly. If you’re yet to write an article, or if you get anxious thinking about writing, then maybe give this a try. In this workshop we […]

A Better Way to Read Journal Articles

Download as PDF If you want to be a successful researcher, you’ll need to read and cite lots of journal articles.And no matter how quick a reader you are, or how good your reading strategy is, you’ll never read all of the articles you want to. Even if you are able to read an article a […]

Improving Your Social Media Strategy

I coach a lot of researchers in the use of social media to translate their work. The most common question is about creating content/posting. They worry about the time need to find content, create it, and then post it. They worry that they will not be prolific enough. They worry their account will have peaks […]

How to Read More Articles

During school, I rarely read. In fact, I only read because I had to throughout school. Then I continued that in university. I am living proof of marginal gains for reading. To start with, I was encouraged to read the news. Then that developed into interests that I actively sought out and books to read. […]