The Big Opportunity of COVID

COVID has taken a lot away. But it has also shown us what is possible. From solving homelessness, to reducing pollution, to creating lifesaving vaccines. The are also BIG opportunities at the individual level too. COVID meant we stopped everything. Now, as you head back into “normal life” you get to consider what you put in. Don’t waste that opportunity.


I’ve already written about the opportunity that COVID presented you. Perhaps, as a worker on stretching your own scope of practice, and how 

that might influence your career. But I think, now as we get a vaccine for COVID as we see how big things have been solved through COVID on a societal level, I think the opportunity now lies within each of us individually with what we might add back into our lives. Let me explain. So, for me anyway lockdown caused everything that I did to change. I couldn’t go out. I couldn’t do sport. I couldn’t see certain people socially. The only things that I was allowed to do was whatever I could do at my home. Now as we move into 2021, and as we have vaccines and restrictions eased, all the things that we sed to do can be added back in. But the big opportunity for you now is to not add those things in or to at least evaluate the impact of those things on your life. Do you want to do that many social activities? Do you want to spend that much money on takeaway food? Do you want to have big holidays or small holidays better? What’s the importance of family, and friend connectivity to you? So, the big opportunity for you now for COVID is to work out what do you want in your life, and perhaps, don’t add too much stuff back in. It’ll give you more time. It’ll give you more space to enjoy what you really want to do.