Will It Zoom?

So much of what we do is up for review at the moment. And one of the biggest changes is an increased use of videoconferencing. It's been used across society from game shows, to press conferences to meetings. Now all of these are relatively "normal" uses of video. But, my challenge to you is to be open to more novel uses of video. For example, play dates, birthdays and meditation are all things I would immediately said "no" to but I was forced to try them. Now, I know they work.

So - ask yourself - Will it Zoom?


COVID-19 has got us all using Zoom, and using Zoom quite a lot.

One of the things that has struck me is how useful it's been yet how reticent at times we are to make use of it. So, I guess my challenge to you is ask the question "Will it zoom a bit like the YouTube channel that focuses on the question?", "Will it blend for a fantastic blender that blends all sorts of things from phones through the shovels?". A Google will a blend if you're interested in seeing how all sorts of things get blended.

Now back to the topic at hand, "Will it Zoom?". Some of the things that I thought will it Zoom would be playdates. I've seen my kids do playdates over Zoom. Not only have they done playdates but they've actually simulated choosing one particular channel I won't name another brand, and deciding that wasn't good and it was a bit glitchy to use their words, and then so they had to you know switch to a Zoom call. I've seen my parents and I do Easter egg hunts which were really amazing to see Easter egg hunts conducted over different regions, and you know from my house to my brother's house to my parents' house, and how the Easter egg on transition from those two. That was really fun and a really awesome thing to do. Then I've seen and you watch TV, and I'm not sure that they're necessarily using Zoom but you know programs like have you been paying attention or using video based approaches to get their panelists to come in, and play the game.

So, I think the question of "Will it Zoom?" is something that we need to ask ourselves more of not just for conferences, not just for one-to-one meetings but for anything. The answer is you know, "Will it Zoom?”, "Could it Zoom?". That's my challenge to you "Will it Zoom?".