Writing your thesis in 15 weeks (or less)

Easy to Write?

Even Easier to love?

That was definitely not what I felt writing my PhD or honours thesis.

My mum loved both.

And now I “love” my PhD thesis.


That doesn’t make the task easy(er) for you.

What might?

A 15-week program aimed at:

  • Setting you up for writing success (think grants and journal articles, not just your thesis)
  • Knowing why you do (or don’t like to write)
  • Doing something about your writing “issues”
  • Progress tracking
  • Content review

Sound good?

Great – sign-up opposite.

Need more info or incentive?

What if the program got you to finish a week earlier? That’d mean you could start full-time work a week earlier. Start earning a full-time wage a week earlier.

Australian PhD students on a scholarship earn about $600 per week.

However, full-time university academics earn a minimum of $1000 per week. And academics with a PhD earn at least $1,300 per week.

So, sign-up and get access to full time work faster.

Want more still?

The intensive will give you:

  • someone to keep you on track
  • a kick up the arse if/when you fall behind
  • peers to share the process and experience with
  • A real (or virtual) celebratory drink

You’ll have a group to work with, as well as me.

What you’ll bring:

  • a positive attitude,
  • a sound work ethic; and
  • $550 AUD (inc GST – I have to make money some how).

Fill out the form to the right and I’ll send you all of the meeting details as well as an invoice with payment terms and options.

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