How I work


Richard is an inspiring and engaging speaker (well his mum thinks so) who is passionate about making the most of your training beyond your PhD.


Are you a PhD student or academic? Do you want to know what’s next or what else is possible?

Coaching might help.


Dr Huysmans helps academic institutions and their staff be commercially smart about the application and implementation of their research ideas.


Dr Huysmans does paid training, covering all sort of topics relevant to PhD students and graduates.

You can have your institution book him to deliver something.

  • Twenty Questions for Humans Who Are Studying a PhD
    We are constantly told to self-reflect. But if you’re not in the practice of it, reflection can be really hard. In his book 20 Questions for Humans, Craig Harper helps readers do just that – answer 20 questions that will help them self-reflect. In this blog, I look at each question Craig poses and suggest […]
  • Why You Should Write a Good-bye Letter to Academia
    Are you thinking about leaving academia but finding it hard? Why not write a good-bye letter? The transition from one sector to another is difficult. So is a change in job or a change in a career. But when you’ve had your heart set on a career – like many in academia – that transition […]
  • Competitive research grants aren’t getting any easier. The last time I looked, 10% of applicants had their grant funded. And generally, they are not even fully funded. Ask for $1, get $0.80.
  • Each month I host a group coaching program. Participants are mostly post-PhD and mostly academic. In the last meeting, we discussed keeping things balanced between work and other parts of your life. Although most people in the group would be considered successful in their career to date, it was clear there are two approaches to […]

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